History Feature

Sometimes, you may miss your partner’s touches. The Bond Touch app gives you the opportunity to replay the last touches you've sent or received in last 48. This is done through our History Feature!

To access this feature, simply swipe right on the Home Screen, or press the "Last Sent" or "Last Received" button on the top. You can then replicate or view more information about received messages by pressing the play button after selecting the message you'd like to replay. 

Location Feature

With this feature, Bond Touch isn’t only about touches - you can now follow your partner location, see if him/her is enjoying the sun or under some heavy rain showers, and even see when his/her bond is almost running out of battery.

First off, this feature will allow you and your partner to know in which city and country your partner is. This gives only a general location, as seen above! On the right side of the location allows you to see the current weather of where your partner is and below the current time at the same location.

Above, our app also displays battery information for both your partner's smartphone and Bond Touch bracelet!

All of this information is also provided in you and your partners own profiles. 

My Profile

Your profile page will display everything related to you, from your chosen username, color, photo and location based service preferences.
You can edit it by doing the following:

  1. Open the Bond Touch app.
  2. Tap the menu icon and choose My Profile on the drawer menu.
  3. Here you can change your profile photo, edit your name and change the color of your Bond Touch lights.

Note: Your settings will be saved automatically. 

Furthermore, you can logout of your profile by pressing the logout button. To login back, open the app, tap GET STARTED, enter your phone number and verify it.

My Bond Touch

This page allows you to check on the connection and battery status of your bracelet. This also gives you information on your bracelet's current firmware version.
The test my bracelet function, available on this page, allows you to check how your bracelet is vibrating, even if you're not connected to your partner yet. In order to do so, just press the Test my bracelet button and you should get a set of vibrations with a white light automatically.
This page also provides a brief explanation of what each color on your bracelet means. You can check an online version of this here.
Finally, pressing the Forget this Bond Touch button will unpair the bracelet currently paired to your smartphone. 

My Partner

This small page will let you know what username, photo and color your partner is currently using. It also displays what phone number your partner is attributed with.
You can, should you wish, unbond with your partner as well. To do so, just press the unbond button and agree to the confirmation popup.
If you want to bond with the same person again, you have to go through the process of adding your partner (learn more)

Help and Support

Finally, the Help and Support page allow you to contact us directly from the app itself! The Get Help button will redirect you to this Help Center to check on our articles created to help.
The Give us Feedback button will allow you to send as an email to our general address to give any sort of feedback you'd like to share with us.
The Report a Problem will allow you to send us a log of your App's activity so that we can diagnose any problems you might be having.

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