Location Based Services is a new feature from Bond Touch that allows you to share your location with your partner, the weather and the last time you were online!! 

In order to enable this feature, you simply need to open on the menu “My Profile” and click on “Location Based Services”.

On the Location Based Service's menu you can enable two different settings, the "Location & Weather" and the "Last Seen Online". 

Location & Weather - By enabling this menu, when you are connected to the Bond Touch, your partner will be able to see where you are and the current weather at your location. 

Last Seen Online - Your partner will be able to see when you are connected or the last time you have been connected to Bond Touch.

In the below image you can see all the information displayed on the Dashboard.

The below screen displays the way the Dashboard looks if your partner has the services enabled but it is not connected to the Bond Touch.
The app will display the last time your partner was connected. 

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