To assemble your Bond Touch bracelet you will need:

  • Bond Touch module*
  • Leather band*
  • Closure studs*
  • Punch tool*
  • Mallet (or similar)
  • Scotch tape (optional)
  • Scissors

*These items come in the Bond Touch replacement kit package for black or natural leather bracelets. Black and Natural leather bracelets are not included in the pair or single replacement sets of Bond Touch.

  1. Put the module to charge at once. Make sure you match the charging points on the module with the little prongs in the charger.
  2. Take the band out of the box. Wrap it around your wrist - make as many wraps as you want (in the video it's 3 wraps).
  3. Overlap the loose end with the other end that has 3 holes. Use Scotch tape to mark the end, but don't cut it just yet.
  4. Take a leather punch out of the box. Overlap the ends of the leather band, and make a mark on the loose end of the band through the middle hole. This is how you will know where to punch the first hole.
  5. Take a heavy object (we feature a heavy book - not the best idea - and a mallet). We also recommend placing a wood cutting board to protect the surface.
  6. Place a puncher against the mark, cover the end of the puncher with a cloth (optional). Hit the puncher with the heavy object at your disposal. Please be careful with your fingers!
  7. Yay, you have the first hole! Take a screw and a stud from the box. Push the screw through the hole. Slightly rotate it so that it slides easier.
  8. Screw the stud on top. You can use a small screwdriver to tighten it up, but it works without it as well.
  9. Fasten your bracelet. All good?
  10. You can stop at one stud but we recommend to use all 3 to make sure that Bond Touch is securely fastened.
  11. Once you're done - try it on, and then use the scissors to cut off the excess leather.
  12. Slide in Bond Touch module and voila! You're ready to go :)

💡 Tip: Make your bracelet tight enough so you feel the vibration easily, and loose enough to be comfortable.

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