To send your touch, you need to make sure that:

  • Your Bond Touch is charged
  • Your Bond Touch is within 10 ft (3 m) of your phone
  • Your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled and it’s either connected to the wifi or cellular network
  • The app is running in the background of your phone

Alright? Now, just double-tap your Bond Touch to wake it up. It will light up in white.

Now you just tap your wrist, to touch their heart. Tap and hold your Bond Touch to send any rhythm or pattern you want, up to 10 different taps at a time. Your Bond Touch will light up in your color and vibrate as you touch it. Once you’re done, it will light up on your partner’s Bond Touch too - and light up their smile.

If you reach your 10 tap limit, your Bond Touch will display a white light.

On your app Home screen you can see if your message was successfully delivered:

Sending message to server

Message sent to server

Message sent to my partner

Note: Once you wake up your Bond Touch to send a message, you have 2 seconds to start tapping. After that, to save battery, it goes back to sleep again.

You may also review sent and received messages through your Message History feature:

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