Your Bond Touch will light up with a range of different colors. Here’s a quick guide to know what each of them mean:


  • Blinking - Bond Touch is charging
  • Static - Bond Touch is fully charged
  • After two taps - Bond Touch is waking up
  • While you’re sending a touch - You’ve probably hit your 10-tap limit. Each touch can only have 10 taps at a time, but you can send them in any pattern you want.


  • Low battery

Your color

  • When you’re sending a touch, your own Bond Touch will light up with your color.
  • When your partner receives that touch, their Bond Touch will light up with your color too.

Your partner's color

  • You’re receiving a touch.

If your Bond Touch lights up with a color that isn’t White, Red, the color you chose or the color you’re used to seeing your partner use, then your partner probably changed colors. Maybe they just wanted a change, or maybe they want to convey a different emotion this time: exploring the way different colors allow you to express different feelings might be a great opportunity for a new love language to develop between the two of you!

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