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My country is not on your list of countries you deliver to.
My country is not on your list of countries you deliver to.

Do you want to ship our products to countries outside of our list of shipping locations? Here’s what you need to know.

Updated over a week ago

Right now, we're only able to ship and service countries indicated here.

We’d love to be able to ship everywhere and to help create a world connected by healthier, happier relationships but we're still a growing company. And we need to know our limits: you can know all about our limits too, by checking our list of countries we service. 😀 We'll keep this list updated as we grow!

We get many requests for exceptions to ship to countries outside of this list. Unfortunately, we cannot open any exceptions so please be patient! But. We do have some authorized resellers that you could buy our products from. Just contact us on the website chat for more info!

You can subscribe to our waitlist. Subscribing means you’ll be the first to know when Bond Touch becomes available in your country!

Just keep in mind that this waitlist isn’t a queue: we can’t guarantee stock for those subscribed. But you’ll be the first to know about the official release!

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