When you send a touch to your partner, your Bond Touch will light up in your color and buzz as you tap it. If you’re trying to send touches, but messages aren’t being sent, then your bracelet won’t vibrate and a white light will shine.

If you’re unable to send touches, here are some things you should check out:

  • Did you remember to double tap your Bond Touch to wake it up before you start sending touches?
  • Is your Bond Touch is within 10 ft (3 m) of your phone?
  • Is your Bond Touch connected? To find out just open the Bond Touch app. If you aren’t connected, you’ll find an alert there, and the connection icon will be dimmed. If you can’t connect your bracelet, read My Bond Touch is not connecting.
  • Could you test your Bond Touch? Just go onto the Bond Touch App and tap Test my Bond Touch. Then follow the app’s instructions.
  • Do you have Do not Disturb turned on? This might be blocking the touches from being sent or received!
  • Do you have your Bond Touch app open in, at least, background activity? Check it out: on your iPhone, double-press the home button on your iPhone. On an Android, try pressing your Recent Apps button to check if your app is open in background activity.
  • Is your app set to work over the background? Here’s how you can check that:

- On IOS:

Settings > General > Background app refresh > On (Wifi&Mobile Data)

make sure the Bond-touch app is on green

- On Android (menus might differ depending on the devices):

Settings > tap Data usage > tap the menu button, and check Auto-sync


Did this help? If it didn’t, don’t be shy: just let us know by going to the app settings, and reach out to us by clicking “Report a problem.”

We’ll be here to lend a hand!

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