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What can the Bond Touch App do?

A brief overview about everything that our app can do!

Updated over a week ago

The Bond Touch App is the Module’s other half. Once you download it, you’ll find that it allows you to do much more than control your Bond Touch’s settings or access your touch history. In fact, you’ll have access to a number of exclusive features, just for the two of you!

Location Feature

Don’t just keep in touch: stay connected thanks to this feature. All the time if you want to. If your partner activates it, it will tell you in what county they are, if they’re enjoying the sun or under some light rain, and what battery level the Bond Touch is on.

Light color

Shine a light when you touch someone’s heart! Pick and choose your favorite color and that’s the color that will light up on your partner’s Bond Touch when you send a touch. You can change it as often as you want, or let a new love language grow where different colors represent different moods.

Private space

Private Space is finally here! It’s a safe space for the two of you, designed with your privacy and safety in mind. A room where you can share messages and pics with your loved one, save favorite photos and memories, or send secret pics which require special measures to unlock.

Everything is encrypted, secure and gets cleared in 72h (secret pics in 24). Plus, we’ve taken extra care to make sure nothing gets screenshotted without you knowing. So you know, what happens in the Private Space stays in the Private Space.

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