We in support team have found that there is a set of questions that come with more 

In order to better help you we have created this FAQ list for you. 

Q. If I get 1 pair will it bring 2 bracelets?
A. A pair costs you 98$USD and brings 2 bracelets, 2 Black TPU bands, and 2 chargers 

Q. Do I have to be in a relationship to use Bond Touch?
A. No, you can use the bracelet with a best friend, a family member, as long as both of you are comfortable and want to close the distance between one another. 

Q. Do you need Wifi?
A. Yes, the Bracelets need compatible devices and Wifi or 4G connections in order to send and receive touches from your partner.

Q. Does the app need to be running in the background?
A. Yes, the app will run in the background. If you need help setting up your device please contact us via the Website Chat Icon

Q. Will the bracelets work if they are far apart?
A. Yes, as long as the bracelets are correctly set up within the app with either Wifi or mobile connection, you will be able to send and receive touches from any distance. 

Q. Can the bracelets be set up while we’re apart?
A. Yes, bracelets can be set up over distance. First you will need to use your phone number to create an account and invite your partner to bond with you. This doesn’t require your partner to be physically present

Q. Can I connect with more than 2 people?
A. Bond Touch currently only works in pairs, but we've listened to your feedback and are considering a family solution for the future

Q. What countries do you ship to?
A. Please refer to the article: Which countries do you ship to?

Q. How long does the battery last?  
A. The length of time your Bond Touch module operates while on a full charge depends on how frequently you use it. If you send 20 touches a day ‒ each one lasting an average of 10 seconds ‒ Bond Touch’s battery should last for around 4 days 

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