Issues might happen with the items and we do understand this. Therefore the items have 1-year warranty, it is possible to issue a return for replacement in these cases. If you feel there is an issue with your bracelet and you would like to submit a request here is what you need to know:

For the US: 

  • Contact us over the chat on the Site!
  • Provide the order number BOND-XXXX 
  • Issue with the item and performed troubleshooting if any, it may be necessary to perform more troubleshooting. 

Once evaluated the return for replacement will be created. How does it work: 

  • You will receive a printable UPS label on your email. 
  • You need to put the items in the box and stick the label. 
  • Drop off at a UPS drop store. 

Once the items have returned to the warehouse and are scanned, a new item will be issued to the address you provided, or the address of the original order.

For Europe:

The same as above, however the label is provided by UPS and it will be sent to your email with a return form. 

For Canada, Australia and New Zealand: 

Reach us over the Website Chat Icon

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