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What is a Bond Touch Bracelet and what does it do?
What is a Bond Touch Bracelet and what does it do?
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Bond Touch Bracelets are smart bracelets that can replicate the human touch between two people wearing them.
When you touch your bracelet, the person you are paired with will receive this exact same touch on their bracelet, allowing you to let them know you are thinking of them wherever you are.

The Bond Touch App will control all of the interaction between the bracelets and it also gives you added functionalities like:

  • Adding meaning to your most used touch patterns

  • Keep a record of your touch history

  • Have a private chat where you can exchange messages and photos in a private way

  • Countdown to your next encounter

  • And even know how the weather is looking like where the other person is

    This will make you feel even more connected with the ones you love the most, no matter how far apart you are.

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