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How to take care of my Bond Touch More?
How to take care of my Bond Touch More?
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Use a soft cloth when cleaning your Bond Touch More module.

Avoid leaving your Bond Touch More in high temperature environments such as parked cars.

Avoid keeping your module underwater for over 30 minutes or going deeper than 3 feet / 1 meter.

Care for the Silicone bands:

To clean your Silicone Band, first detach both sides from the Bond Touch More module. Use soap and water; do not use harsh household cleaners, or anything abrasive. Dry the bands completely before re-attaching them to the module.

Make sure your Silicone Band is not too tight. If you experience any discomfort, loosen the band. If the discomfort persists, remove the bracelet for a while. Mild skin reactions may occur if you have allergies to specific materials such as silicone or aluminum, or a particularly sensitive skin.

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