How does Bond Heart work?
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Bond Heart allows you to record a heartbeat through the Bond Touch app by using your smartphone’s camera and flashlight.

Once covered, the camera will detect the pattern of your heartbeat by capturing the color variations on the surface of your skin caused by the blood flow from your heart.

When the heartbeat is recorded, you can easily upload it to your smart necklace via Bluetooth by firmly pressing both sides of the Heart and tapping it on the side.

Whenever you want to feel it, hold the Heart while touching both sides. After a few seconds, Heart will start vibrating, mimicking the heartbeat you're wearing. When you no longer want to feel the heartbeat, simply let it go and it will stop reproducing the heartbeat.

If you want to wear the heartbeat of a loved one who is not nearby, don't worry!

They can still record and send their heartbeat to you using the Pulse App. They can download the Pulse app here or search for Bond Heart Pulse App in their smartphone store.

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