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Charging the Bond Heart!
Updated over a week ago

Your Bond Heart will need charging from time to time, although its battery is estimated to last up to 21 days. To charge your Heart, follow these steps:

  • Start by connecting the charging dock and the detachable USB-C cable that came with it. The Heart is secured onto its dock charger through physical grooves, not magnetically. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that the Heart is correctly positioned on the dock with the light indicator facing up. If it's flipped upside-down on the dock charger, it won't charge.

  • When correctly positioned on the dock and charging, it will display a blinking red light. Once the Heart is fully charged, it will display a static green light.

Please note that if you place your Heart back on the charging dock after it has been fully charged, it's normal for it to blink red for a few minutes as it re-calibrates to the charging process.

Ps: Don't discard the Bond Heart box! You can use it as a charging station if you wish to. To do so, place the charger dock on the charging tray. Then, find the perforated line at the back of the box and poke it to create a hole to make room for the USB-C cable. Connect the charging dock and USB-C cable, and your charging tray is ready to use!

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