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Get to know the physical details of your Bond Touch module.

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The Bond Touch is sleek and light, a great way to keep in touch with someone special wherever you are.

Bond Touch module

The module is the heart of the Bond Touch, the bit that lights up and gently mimics your touch from a distance. It has these features:

  • External plastic casing


  • Surgical steel loop

  • Charging points on one side

NOTE: Bond Touch's Surgical steel loop may contain Nickel. So if you’re allergic to this metal, please bear that in mind.

Bond Touch USB charger

The handy little charger allows you to pack it easily, anywhere. Keep it close to hand, and you’ll never run out battery - or miss a beat.

  • Cable length: 148 mm / 5.8”

Punch tool

  • Length: 95 mm / 3.7”

  • Width: 5 mm / 0.2”

Closure studs

  • Surgical steel

  • Diameter: 7.4 mm / 0.3”

  • Height: 8 mm / 0.3”

Sport bands (any color)

The Bond Touch is customizable. It’s really quick and easy to swap bands to match your style or even your mood.

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), available in Pink Sand, Twilight Blue, Emerald Green, Ghost White and Black.

  • Length - 242 mm / 9.53"

  • Width: 10 mm / 0.4”

  • Thickness: 2 mm / 0.1”

  • Black version included in pairs or replacement sets.

Don’t leave the Bond Touch in your car, because temperatures in parked cars can exceed the temperature range that they’re designed for 32º to 104º F (0º and 40º C).

If you take it for a dive, avoid staying underwater for over 30 minutes or going deeper than 3 feet / 1 met (IP67)

Ambient temperature: 0-55ºC
Altitude 0-2000m

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