If you and your partner live far away from each other, sending the set of Bond Touch to the same address can be an inconvenience and also expensive, since you will have to post half of the order to your loved one afterwards! 

Instead, please purchase two single units here: 

https://www.bond-touch.com/products/bond-touch-bracelet-single - US, NZ

https://ca.bond-touch.com/products/bond-touch-bracelet-single - CA

https://au.bond-touch.com/products/bond-touch-bracelet-single - AU

https://eu.bond-touch.com/products/bond-touch-bracelet-single - EU 

https://uk.bond-touch.com/products/bond-touch-bracelet-single - UK

By purchasing single units, you can send one Bond Touch to yourself and another one to your partner! 

Please be advised that shipping only happens during business days and not over the weekend. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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