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Want to share your weather and location with your partner? Here's a bit of information on how this feature works!

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The Bond Touch is designed to help people grow closer together and develop happy and healthy relationships. One feature you and your partner can use is Share Personal Data: if you do, you’ll get to see where each of you is (just on a county level, nothing too specific), what the weather is like over there and what’s the local time. Plus, you'll get to see how much battery your partner has on their phone and Bond Touch module.

This feature only works if both of you activate it so the first step might be to talk things over with the person you’re connecting with. If you’re both happy to share this information, let’s get started!

Head to the Settings menu and click on the "Share personal data” slider.

This is what it should look like:

Once both you and your partner's "Share personal data" setting is activated, you’ll see this when bringing up either you or your partner's Status Overlay when tapping either's profile picture:

If either one of you disconnects, the information displayed on the dashboard will refer to the last time you were active.

Whenever you want, you can turn off this feature. Just go back to the Settings page and click on the "Share personal data" slider once more. Just deactivate the slider: when it turns grey, you'll have opted out.

Any questions? Just get in touch with us on the chat, we’ll be there to lend a hand.

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