In order to start using the Location and Weather features, first head to the Settings menu and click on the "Share personal data” slider. This needs to be done with both you and your partner, so please ask your partner to do the same. 

Don't worry, the details of what's shared with one another are fairly generalized: Once "Share personal data" is activated for both users, you'll both get to see where your respective partners are on a county level, weather details and the current time displayed at the time zone of said location. Besides this, you'll also get to see visual battery indicators for both your partner's phone and Bond Touch module's current charge.

Here's what you see once both you and your partner's "Share personal data" setting is activated:

Keep in mind, you'll be able to opt-out of this feature at any given time by heading back to the Settings page and clicking on "Share personal data" slider once more. Once this slider is deactivated (grey), this means you've opted out.

If either you or your partner disconnect at any given time, the information displayed on your dashboard will refer to the last time your partner was active just before getting disconnected. 

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