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How to Cancel an Order
How to Cancel an Order
Updated over a week ago

Everybody makes mistakes. We know that.

So if you want to cancel an order, here’s what you need to know:

We can only cancel the order if the item was not shipped yet. Please be aware that products ordered during the week, are normally shipped 1 hour after the purchase.

We require the order number or the details of the order. And as soon as we cancel the order, we’ll issue you a refund.

What happens if we cannot cancel the order in time?

First, the item has to be delivered to your chosen address.

Second, reach out to us via the Website Chat Icon to cancel your order.

You’ll have to let us know your order number to do this.

Third, we’ll issue a return label. As soon as we have the items returned, we’ll refund you.

Please keep in mind that the parcel needs to be sealed and in good condition to be returned!


How do they work:

Once we issue a refund, you’ll receive an email confirmation regarding it.

The refund will be made to whichever payment method you used to buy the Bond Touch.

It can take a few business days for the money or credits to pop back into your account, as this depends on how the payment was made and the way banks work.

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