At times we make mistakes, and we understand that.

This is what you need to know in order to cancel an order:

We can only cancel the order if the item was not shipped yet. Please be aware that we normally ship our products during the week 1 hour after purchasing.

We require the order number (BOND-XXXX) or the details of the order, once we cancel the order we issue the refund. 

What happens if we cannot cancel the order in time?

First, the item has to be delivered at your chosen address.

Second, contact us via the Website Chat Icon to perform a cancelation request.
Please submit your order number (BOND-XXXX) 

Third, we will issue the return label in order to process the refund. We are only able to refund once the item returns to us! 

Please be aware that the parcel needs to be sealed and in good condition in order to send the item back to us!


How do they work: 

Once the refund issued you will receive an email confirmation regarding the refund.  The value will be issued to the payment method used to purchase. 

It can take a few business days for the item to be visible on your account as this depends on the method of payment and bank systems. 

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