Before starting, please note that both you and your partner need a Bond Touch bracelet to access the Bond Touch app. We also provide a few quick tips in form of videos when first accessing your Private Space and you can always review it on Bond Touch's settings. Just click on "WATCH these quick tips!" to get started: 

How can I access my Private Space?
To enter your Private Space, click on the small Private Space icon located on the top right, next to the Next Encounter button.
Our app will then prompt for your preferred authentication method, whether it be through Face ID, Touch ID, double-tapping your Bond Touch Module or Passcode.
Should any of the other authentication methods fail, we'll be asked for your selected passcode that you have chosen when you did the setup.

Besides this you're also asked to add your email just in case you'll be recovering your password later on. Keep in mind, we won't send any confirmation email after the setup. You can also change the email associated to your account by heading to the Bond Touch App settings and tapping on "Email address" and providing your corrected email address and tapping "done".

Once you are in your private space, you'll be able to access your chat history, which includes messages, your touch history, shared photos and Secret Photos. Anything you send or receive appears in chronological order. All your messages and touches will disappear after 72 hours.

How can I send photos to my partner?
To send any type of photos, click on the small camera icon that you can find on the left of your messaging field on your Private Space feed or inside the Shared Gallery. From here you can choose to either send a photo from your smartphones camera roll or take a new photo. Afterwards, you can choose to either share a photo or share a Secret Photo by dragging the arrow button to the the left or
right icon, respectively.

How can I access my Shared gallery?
You can access your Shared Gallery through your partner's profile photo, which can either be on your Dashboard or on the top of your Private Space feed. You can also access it through the photos that appear on your Private Space feed by clicking on the thumbnail preview. 

How does the Shared gallery work?
You can save both yours and your partner's photos by clicking on the small bookmark icon on the bottom right corner. If you don't like a photo that was shared, you can always delete it by clicking on the icon that is located on the right of the bookmark icon. In the shared gallery you can save up to 10 photos together and you can keep track of those saved photos by looking at number on the bookmark icon. If you want to save more than 10 photos, you can always delete one to add another.
Remember all photos that aren't saved with disappear after 72 hours.

How can I open a Secret Photo?
Secret Photos appear on your Private Space feed as small heart icons. To be able to open it you need to tap and hold for a bit on top of the heart icon and then you're prompted with authentication step (through Face ID, Touch ID, double-tapping your Bond Touch or passcode). These photos cannot be saved and after 24 hours, they're gone forever.

What's the difference between a Shared Photo and a Secret?

As the name suggests, a Shared Photo isn't hidden while a Secret Photo is! Don't worry, this doesn't mean that anybody other than you or your partner can have access to shared photos. Secrets are photos that are only accessible through a discreet icon while requiring authentication before viewing. Shared photos have a large preview and don't require authentication to view.
Besides this, Secret Photos only stick around for 24h while Shared Photos will stay for 72h if they are saved. 

Can't my partner just take a screenshot of my photos?

Don't worry, if you're on iOS you'll be notified if your partner ever attempts to screenshot any Secret Photo or Shared Photo you send. This notification should appear as a small photo camera icon next to whatever Secret Photo or Shared Photo you share on your Private Space timeline.

If you're using an Android smartphone, than screenshots are disabled altogether. This means your partner cannot take screenshots of your photos if they're on Android.
Besides this, both you and your partner will receive a small notification indicating that screenshots notify your partner whenever they happen inside Private Space.

I forgot my passcode, what should I do?
To reset your Private Space passcode go to the Bond Touch settings and on the Private Space section select Change Passcode. Now click on the Reset Passcode, and after select the Send passcode request email. This will send an email to your email address that will enable you to reset your passcode.

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