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How to Care for Your Bond Touch
How to Care for Your Bond Touch
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Your Bond Touch Module

The Bond Touch Module contains the battery. The average battery life is around 3-4 days, depending on your frequency of use.

Charging your Bond Touch is easy! Simply connect the USB charger provided in the box to your Bond Touch Module and connect to a power source such as a computer, wall socket or even a power bank.

Your Bond Touch is fully waterproof and can be safely submerged in up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for 30 minutes at a time. If you want to clean your Bond Touch Module use a damp soft cloth. Allow to dry fully. Do not use harsh household cleaners, or anything abrasive to clean your Bond Touch Module

Your Metal Mesh Band

Your Metal Mesh Band is not water-resistant. Prolonged exposure to water, or other liquids including sweat should be avoided. We recommend our TPU Sports Band for our more active Bonditos.

The Mesh Metal Band is fastened with a magnetic closure. Please use caution if you are particularly sensitive to magnetic fields. To prevent damage, do not scrape or hit your Mesh Metal Band against hard objects.

If you do get your Metal Mesh Band wet please dry it immediately using a soft towel. Please use a lint-free cloth for routine cleaning. If a deep cleaning is necessary, clean only with a damp cloth and dry immediately after.

Your Sports Band

The Sports Band is available in several colors to match your mood or personal style! The Sports Band is made of TPU silicone and is fully waterproof.

If you want to clean your Sports Band we recommend using soap and water. Please make sure to rinse well as soap residue may cause skin sensitivity. Do not use harsh household cleaners, or anything abrasive to clean your Sports Band.

Make sure your Sports Band is not to tight. If you experience any discomfort loosen the band. If the discomfort persists remove the bracelet for a break.

Most people don’t experience any discomfort with the Sports Band. However, despite our best efforts there is a small minority of individuals who have reported experiencing some mild skin reactions. This may occur if you have specific allergies to certain material such as silicone or particularly sensitive skin.

Third Party Bands

Keeping it real, we do not recommend the use of third party accessory bands. This is because we have no way of assuring the quality of the fit or if they contain any harmful materials. For this reason we recommend the use of genuine Bond Touch accessories only.

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