How do I record a heartbeat?
Updated over a week ago

You can record a heartbeat in the Bond Touch app.

Go to the Bond Heart section and follow the instructions on your screen when prompted to record the heartbeat.

Place your finger gently on top of your smartphone’s camera until the flashlight and the camera are completely covered. If the flashlight is hot, place your finger 2mm (the thickness of a nickel) away from the light while still covering the camera.

The camera will detect your heartbeat pattern by capturing the color variations on the surface of your skin caused by the blood flow from your heart. Remain still and don’t move your phone around, as ambient light differences will affect the recording process. Note that the recording process works best in a dark room.

In case you don’t have Bond Heart, you can still record and send heartbeats to somebody who does by using our Pulse App. You can download the Pulse app here or search for Bond Heart Pulse App in your smartphone store. The recording process unfolds the same as described above.

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