How to Wake up your Heart!

Unable to wake the Heart?

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Awakening your Heart is a simple process that is only required in specific situations: pairing it to your phone, wearing a heartbeat (uploading a new heartbeat into the pendant), or checking the battery level.

You don't need to worry about awakening your Heart on a regular basis, as it will only connect to your smartphone when necessary.

To wake the device, firmly press the front light of the Bond Heart while tapping the side of it. You will feel a brief vibration and see a blinking white light, indicating that the Heart is now awake.

After a few seconds, the blinking white light will turn red, and another brief vibration will be felt, indicating that the Bond Heart is no longer active.

Please note that it's important to pair your Heart with your phone through the app and not through the Bluetooth settings on your device. If you do so, you may encounter issues that could prevent you from using the product properly.

If you have already paired the Heart through your device's Bluetooth settings, we recommend forgetting the device from the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and trying to pair it again through the app.

Follow the instructions on the screen carefully to ensure a successful pairing process.

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