Hey, first things first: thank you for choosing Bond Touch! Welcome aboard, Bondito 😉

Bond Touch is an emotional wearable that allows you to send little touches to your partner through a small bracelet.

To use your brand new Bond Touch, you have to complete these steps:

  • Install the Bond Touch App on your smartphone
  • Create your Profile
  • Connect your Bond Touch module to the App
  • Connect your Bond Touch to your partner

The bracelets are connected to each other via the Bond Touch app. So make sure your device is compatible with the Bond Touch app (it works on most iOS and Android smartphones but do check this link).

Before you can start sending and receiving touches, you have to connect your Bond Touch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once that’s done, your touches will be transferred over mobile data or Wi-Fi.

For the best possible experience, we recommend you disable Low Power Mode and Do not Disturb.

Here is a quick video where you can see how to set up your Bond Touch!

Step 1 - Charge my bracelet

Your bracelet may not be fully charged when it reaches you, so charge your Bond Touch before you use it. You can plug the charger into a computer, a USB power adapter, or a power bank.

While charging, the module lights will blink white. The first time you charge it, these lights may take a few minutes to appear. When fully charged, the lights will turn constant white.

Step 2 - Download the app

Download the Bond Touch app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device. You can click the links above to go there, or just search “Bond Touch” on your favorite app store.

Step 3 - Create your profile

Before you start, make sure your Bond Touch is with 10 ft (3 m) of your phone.

Enable Bluetooth on your phone and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

Open the Bond Touch app and follow the instructions to create your profile. You’ll be asked to enter your phone number, name, profile picture and choose a color (this color will show up on your Bond Touch when you’re sending a touch and on your partner’s module when they receive it).

Similarly, when you receive a touch, your module will light up in the color your partner has chosen.

Please make sure to enable/allow Location Services and allow Notifications for the app.

Step 4 - Connect your bracelet to the Bond Touch app

When you’re done creating your profile, hit the CONFIRM button to enter the Connection step. Double-tap your Bond Touch to wake it up. The app will search for available devices in range and a list of Bond bracelets will show up (if there is more than one in the area). The selected bracelet will flash blue lights - cycle through the list until you find yours.

Double-tap your Bond Touch module to confirm that it’s the one you want to be connected to your phone.

Step 5 - Add my partner

Enter your partner's area code and phone number or pick them from your contact list. While entering the phone number, make sure you don’t use spaces or special characters.

You and your partner both need to pick each other: that way our server will be able to match you, and you’ll be able to start connecting.

Step 6 - Test your bracelet

While you wait for your partner to accept your invitation, you can start using your bracelet, to get used to it. To test your bracelet, tap Test my Bond Touch on your Home screen, or go to Menu > My Bond Touch > Test my bracelet.

Remember: the app needs to be running on the background of your phone at all times!

Do you have any other questions or doubts? Just hit us up on the chat!

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