Testing my bracelet

Here's a few ways to test your bracelete on the Bond Touch app.

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On version 4.1.0 (iOS) / 5.0.0 (Android) of the Bond Touch app, we've released a new and improved way to learn how to send touches: the Touches 101 tutorial section.

Using it allows you to learn how your bracelet works: practice sending and receiving touches even before you connect with your partner. And it can also help you make sure your Bond Touch is working properly, if you think it might have a technical issue.

Just like with the other touches, you need to make sure that:

  • Your phone is connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or cellular network)

  • Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

  • Battery saving setups like Low Power Mode or Do Not Disturb, are disabled

  • Your Bond Touch is charged

  • Your Bond Touch and phone are within 10 ft (3 m) of each other

  • Your Bond Touch is synced with your phone

To go through the Touches 101 tutorial to get familiar with sending touches or to test your bracelet, head over to Menu > My Bond Touch > Learn how to send touches.

If you’ve checked all those boxes, but are still having issues, just let us know. The quickest way of doing this is by going to the app settings, and just hit “Report a problem.”

We’ll be here to give you a hand!

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