Bond Touch App Glossary

Here's a quick article to go through the meaning of a few icons or other visual elements of our app

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The App has a few icons and visual elements. We try to make them as intuitive as possible, obviously, but in case you’re unsure about any of them, you’ve come to the right place! This is a quick article on what each icon means.


Pressing the cog icon will take you to your settings page. You’ll find the cog on the Bond Touch app dashboard's menu bar.


This indicates how charged your Bond Touch module or phone is. You’ll find it within the Status Overlay by tapping your own profile picture. The more filled the symbol is, the more battery you have on your module. You can check the same information relative to your partner by tapping your partner's profile picture, which brings their own status overlay indicating your partner's module or smartphone battery level.

Private Space:

This icon represents the Private Space feature. Tapping on it will lead you to the Private Space feed: a room and a safe space just for the two of you.

Next Encounter Date

The calendar icon lets you schedule the next time you two will see each other on the Next Encounter Date feature. Just tap it to go check it out and set a date.

Replay touch

You can find this icon next to the previous touches you have sent or received. Touch it to replay the touch message next to it.

Sending / Sent / Delivered / Read

These icons indicate that either a message, touch, Secret Photo, or Shared Photo you sent is (from left to right) sending, sent, delivered, or read/seen by your partner.

Here’s a better look at these symbols:

Secret Photo

This icon will show on your Private Space feed whenever you send or receive a Secret Photo. Hold this icon to open the Secret Photo. Remember: for your safety, Secret Photos have an extra layer of security so you’ll have to go through an authentication process to see what’s inside.


You can find this symbol in your Private Space, next to the chat field at the bottom of your Private Space feed. Press this button to send a photo to your partner and pick if you want to take a new photo or choose an existing one, and whether it's a Secret Photo or a Shared Photo.

Shared or Secret Photo selector

When sending a photo from Private Space, you can choose to send a Secret Photo or a Shared Photo. Drag this symbol to pick which one.

Send Shared Photo

When sending a photo from Private Space, drag the Shared or Secret photo selector to this icon to send the photo as a Shared Photo.

Send Secret Photo

When sending a photo from Private Space, drag the Shared or Secret photo selector to this icon to send the photo you just selected or took as a Secret Photo.

Screenshot taken indicator

If either you or your partner takes a screenshot of either a Shared Photo or a Secret Photo, both of you will be notified with this icon next to the photo shared on your feed.

Bookmark - Save Shared Photo

When viewing a Shared Photo, you can save up to 10 Shared Photos in your Shared Gallery by tapping on this bookmark icon.

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