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A bit of information regarding app and firmware updates.

Updated over a week ago

A bit of information regarding app and firmware updates.

When we release a new update, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. To install the updates automatically, you just have to tap it.

We really recommend you install all updates. Keeping your app and firmware updated will guarantee you don’t stop being able to use Bond Touch properly. And it will give you a better experience. If you dismiss an update accidentally, you can always find Bond Touch app on App Store or Play Store, and install the update from there.

Please note that firmware updates are quite demanding on the battery - we recommend that you charge Bond Touch before updating (you need at least 25% battery) or while the update is in progress. Please keep in mind that issues in firmware update installation may be due to incompatible smartphone models.

If you are having problems installing your firmware, just let us know. The quickest way of doing this is by going to the app settings, and just hit “Report a problem.”

We’ll be here to give you a hand!

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