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I'm not receiving/sending my partner's touches - iOS
I'm not receiving/sending my partner's touches - iOS

Here's a few easy fixes in case you're having trouble receiving touch messages on iOS devices.

Updated over a week ago

With the release of version 4.0.7 of our Bond Touch app, we've added a few major features to greatly enhance your experience, namely the ability to receive certain notifications through the Bond Touch bracelet itself.

In order to do so, however, a few changes have been made to the setup of your Bond Touch that, if not done correctly, may cause issues.

Here's a few things you can do to get you back on track in case you're having trouble getting your Bond Touch bracelet to receive touches or notifications:

1. Allow your iPhone to show Bond Touch App notifications

After installing your app for the first time, you'll be asked to allow the Bond Touch app to send notifications. Denying or disabling this setting will keep you from being able to receive touches instantly while our app is in the background.

Solution: Head to your iPhone settings and scroll down to your Bond Touch app settings, tap "Notifications" and make sure the "Allow Notifications" slider is green.

2. Allow your iPhone to send notifications to your Bond Touch bracelet

In order for your Bond Touch to send touches and receive touches, we need our iPhone's system settings to allow for it to send and receive notifications. Disabling or denying this setting will keep your Bond Touch from receiving touches while in the background.

Solution: Head to your iPhone bluetooth settings by heading to your iPhone settings and tapping "Bluetooth". On the list of devices, tap the "i" icon next to the device named "BOND". Finally, make sure that the "share system notifications" slider is green.

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3. Make sure iOS system settings are properly configured

In case none of the above worked so far, it helps to have your iPhone system make a fresh reconfiguration of the pairing process in case something went wrong along the way.

Solution: Head to your iPhone's Bluetooth settings by going to your iPhone settings, tapping Bluetooth, then tapping the "i" symbol next to the device name "BOND" and finally tapping "Forget This Device".
Now all you need to do is head to the Bond Touch app and the Bond Touch pairing process should reappear. (We explain this in detail with this article)

4. Other tips

Here's a few other things that affect the receiving of touches that may help:

  • Be sure to check if you're successfully bonded with your partner.

  • Don't forget that, before sending your touch, you need to activate it with a double tap.

  • Be sure that your Bond Touch is within 10 ft (3m) of your phone.

  • Is your Bond Touch connected? Your Bond Touch app will tell you in case it isn't.

  • Try testing your Bond Touch bracelet's ability to receive touches by heading to the Bond Touch app settings and tapping "Test my Bond Touch".

  • Do you have Do Not Disturb turned on? This might be blocking the touches from being sent or received. (This can be change in the Bond Touch app settings)

  • Make sure you keep the Bond Touch app open in the background. (Do not quit the app by "swiping" up on the iPhone background app screen).

  • Check if your Bond Touch app is allowed to work in the background by heading to Settings > General > Background app refresh and checking that the Bond Touch switch is green.

In case none of these tips worked, please feel free to reach us through the app icon on this page's bottom right corner, and we'll be sure to help out!

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