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My Bond Touch More is not connecting
My Bond Touch More is not connecting
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Your Bond Touch More needs to be connected to work properly. You can only send touches if your module and phone are connected to each other. So here is the first thing that you need to check first:

  • Your phone might not be connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or cellular network)

  • Bluetooth might not be enabled on your phone

  • Your Bond Touch might have run out of battery

  • Your Bond Touch’s firmware might not be up to date (read Updates)

  • Your Bond Touch and phone may be too far away from each other: make sure they’re within 10 ft (3 m) from each other

  • You might have accidentally closed the Bond Touch app. It needs to be running in the background.

If you’ve checked all of these things, and they all check out, then try the following:

  • Switch off your phone's Bluetooth and switch it on again

  • Switch off your phone's internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular network) and switch it on again

  • Close the Bond Touch app and launch it again (clear it from the task tray)

Are you still having trouble with this? Check if your smartphone is included in our list of incompatible models.

If your phone is compatible and none of these tips worked, your Bond Touch More may be damaged. Just send us a message so we can help you solve the problem.

How do you know your Bond Touch More is connected:

It’s really easy to check if your Bond Touch more is connected to your phone.

  • Just double tap the module: if it wakes up and displays your color, that means it’s connected and ready to send your touches

  • Or you can go to the Bond Touch app’s Menu, tap My Bond Touch More and read the connection status (it should read: “Connected”).

If that doesn’t help, let us know by going to the app settings, and hitting “Report a problem.” We’ll give you a hand!

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